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The Journal of a Texas Girl

that i would be good...


Holy cow... it's been like 7 years since I've updated this thing...

Name: The Dutchess

Age: 28

Where I live: is none of your business... but I'll tell you I live in Texas.
I'm a music junkie, an aspiring singer and a writer with potential, also photographer..

I'm married. I have three fur-babies, two dogs and a cat.

My influences in my life are all connected with music or comedy somehow.

My favorite song changes everyday, but my all time favorite song is "Purple Rain" by Prince. Don't ask me why... it just is.

I prefer vinyl over CD any day... but since you can't take vinyl in your car... then CD works too.

If you want to know the kind of music I listen to, I have it in my "Friends Only" blog. There is WAY too many to list in this thing.